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About Mortenson Dental Partners

About Mortenson Dental Partners

Mortenson Dental Partners is one of the largest groups of employee-owned dental practices in the United States. Beginning as a single practice in 1979, the company has grown to include over 140 practices across nine states, employing over 1,800 team members and welcoming nearly one million patient visits each year. With services ranging from general and pediatric dentistry to orthodontics and oral surgery, we believe in offering high-quality dental care as part of our mission to improve the lives of others every day.

Unlike most dental support organizations, we are completely owned by our doctors and team members. Each location feels like a private practice but enjoys the support of a large organization. We empower our team members to think like an owner and make the best decisions for their team, patients and office.

Our History

In 1979, Dr. Wayne Mortenson and his wife, Sue, founded the first Mortenson Family Dental practice in Middletown, Kentucky. After many years of running a successful practice, Dr. Wayne’s sons opened their own Mortenson Family Dental sites in surrounding areas. Soon, other local dentists with the same values and visions joined the organization, opening additional Mortenson Family Dental and specialty practices.

In 2011, Dr. Wayne and Dr. John Howard of Howard Family Dental realized they could benefit from bringing their organizations together to share the best practices they had learned throughout their careers. Later that year, Dr. John Meis, Dr. Nick Kanning and Dr. Terry Lamphier — who led the practices that now comprise Summit Dental Health — decided to join the team. Mortenson Dental Partners was formed. Over the next several years, MDP welcomed additional groups with similar values and culture, including Abbeville Dentistry, Stonehaven Dental, and, most recently, Gentle Dentist and its specialty practices. As we continue to grow, we are steadfast in maintaining our core mission and values, while utilizing our size to better support our team and better care for our patients.

Our Brands

Our practices operate under a number of different brand names, each with its own unique history. Learn more about each one!

Abbeville Dentistry

Joined April 2012

Originating as a single practice in North Lubbock, Texas in 1976, Abbeville Dentistry operates multiple practices across the state of Texas. Several practice names fall under this group’s umbrella, including Abbeville Dentistry, Children’s Dental Center, Dentistry for Kids, Denture Care Center, Kid’s Dental and Smile Crafters. Learn more about Abbeville Dentistry.

Gentle Dentist

Joined August 2018

Gentle Dentist was first established in 1993 in Knightstown, Indiana under the name “Gentle Family Dentistry.” It took on the name “Gentle Dentist” in 1997. Today, Gentle Dentist operates 12 practices in the central Indiana region. Learn more about Gentle Dentist.

Howard Family Dental

Georgia, South Carolina
Joined March 2011

Howard Family Dental began as a single practice in 1980 led by Dr. John Howard. After partnering with his daughter, Dr. Julie Howard, in 1997, the company began to expand. Howard Family Dental includes 11 practices in Savannah, coastal Georgia and South Carolina. Learn more about Howard Family Dental.

Mortenson Family Dental

Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio
Founded May 1979

Mortenson Family Dental was founded in 1979 by Dr. Wayne Mortenson and his wife, Sue, in Middletown, Kentucky. It has grown to over 30 locations and serves dental patients across Kentucky, southern Indiana and the greater Cincinnati area. Learn more about Mortenson Family Dental.

Stonehaven Dental

Joined October 2013

With a history that spans over 30 years, Stonehaven Dental provides full-service dental care at 10 locations in the state of Utah. It began as a single practice by Dr. Bret Tobler with his two sons. In 2005, they adopted the Stonehaven Dental name and brought additional dentists to the team. Learn more about Stonehaven Dental.

Summit Dental Health

Iowa, Nebraska
Joined October 2011

Summit Dental Health was established in 2014 out of a partnership among Siouxland Dental Health, Dundee Family Dental, Indian Hills Dental, Towne Dental, Rainbow Dental and Old Market Dental. It serves communities in Nebraska and Iowa with 10 practices. Learn more about Summit Dental Health.

Specialty Brands

Our specialty brands offer expertise in more specific areas of dental care, including pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, oral surgery, prosthodontics and more.

Advanced Dental Solutions

Joined July 2018

Advanced Dental Solutions offers specialty-level prosthodontic care, including dental implants, full-mouth restorations and oral surgery. Learn more about Advanced Dental Solutions.

American Family Orthodontics

Indiana, Kentucky
Joined August 2018

American Family Orthodontics provides high-quality orthodontic services that utilize the latest technological advances in the industry, such as invisible ceramic braces and Invisalign. Learn more about American Family Orthodontics.


Indiana, Kentucky, Texas
Joined July 2007

With offices in Kentucky, Indiana and Texas, BracesBracesBraces offers a range of professional orthodontic services for children, teens and adults in a fun and relaxing environment. Learn more about BracesBracesBraces.

Kid’s Dentistree

Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Texas
Joined November 2007

Kid’s Dentistree provides pediatric dental care in Kentucky, southern Indiana, Ohio, coastal Georgia and Texas. With its playful and inviting atmosphere, Kid’s Dentistree fosters positive associations for children visiting the dentist. Learn more about Kid’s Dentistree.

KidzSmile Dentistry

Joined August 2018

Offering pediatric dental services in New Albany, Indiana, the team at KidzSmile emphasizes the importance of developing good oral hygiene habits starting with the first tooth. Learn more about KidzSmile Dentistry.

Oral & Facial Surgery Group

Indiana and Kentucky
Joined December 2006

The specialists at Oral & Facial Surgery Group provide oral and maxillofacial surgery care at four locations in Kentucky and Indiana. Learn more about Oral & Facial Surgery Group.